A close up view + Slow Crawl prize winners!

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If you saw the spectacular sweater that Liz knit for her daughter at the Kittitas County Fair, you will have seen the steer and the border collie on the left and right fronts, but not the horse on the back. The sweater was based on The Knitter’s Dude pattern, knit in the round, and steeked. But rather than using the geometric motifs from the pattern, Liz worked with her daughter to find images that represented ranch life, and then charted them to fit the sweater using knitter’s graph paper.

If you’d like to see the sweater in person, Liz will be covering the shop for me this weekend, so stop by from Friday to Sunday! (Note: Friday is the second edition of September Sock Club, and Liz is an experienced sock knitter….)

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September Sock Club

September 6, 13, 20, 5:00-7:00pm | no charge

Friday night sock knitting—whether you’ve knit dozens of pairs or are just getting started. This is not a formal class, but if you’ve never knit a sock before, we’ve got suggestions for several beginner-friendly patterns, and help will be available.

Oh Gnome You Didn’t!

September 11, 18, 25, 5:00-7:00pm | no charge

Sarah Schira’s gnomes are delightful tiny knitting projects, and Oh Gnome You Didn’t is her upcoming mystery knitalong. In these sessions, we’ll work on all clues released to day, meeting for the last time the day before the final clue drops. Pattern calls for fingering weight yarn; choose DK for a larger finished gnome.

Project Circle

September 27, 5:00-7:00pm | no charge

Join us to work on your longer term projects!

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...to anticipate


We’ve got really fun assortment of new stitch markers (heart shaped metal) and stitch marker containers—plastic ones that look just like macarons, and hinged metal tins with floral tops. These are great for keeping things contained in your accessories pouch!


Also just in, some really fun yarn bowls from Lenny Mud, in a rainbow drip pattern, plus a few fiber-themed mugs. (And don’t forget, we’ve got plenty of Yarn Folk mugs ready for your hot fall beverage enjoyment!)

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Yarn Folk was so pleased to welcome 114 participants in the 2019 Pacific NW Slow Crawl, which spanned the entire summer—from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Each shop offered a prize basket, a $50 gift certificate, and a $25 gift certificate. Additionally, anyone who finished a region was entered into a drawing for a regional prize basket, and there is a grand prize drawing for all those who visited all 35 participating shops. We had several people finish Region 5 here, and one person completed the crawl at Yarn Folk!

Winners have been contacted individually, but congratulations to:

Carolyn Stewart — Yarn Folk Prize Basket (pictured above)

Sherry Eckle — $50 Gift Certificate

Debra McKnight — $25 Gift Certificate

Looking forward to next year’s Slow Crawl!

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Hunter Hammersen’s Incidence is a brioche hat with just a few dramatic stitches that create a dramatic effect on both side of the hat. Using two colors of a lace or fingering weight yarn makes it easier to keep track of your progress in brioche, and your finished hat is reversible. For this sample, I used Malabrigo Lace, doubled, left over from my Bradford Road wrap, paired with Apple Fiber Studio Delicious, left over from Love Note. (Note: I wouldn’t actually *recommend* using the Lace doubled—it made the project a little harder than it needed to be.) (It is, however, soft and light as a feather.) With multiple gauges and three possible cast on numbers, you’ve got flexibility, so long as you’re willing to do a bit of swatching!


Arcana is a generous rectangular shawl designed by Lesley Anne Robinson which uses three colors and alternates mosaic sections with a central panel of brioche lace. I used Malabrigo Sock in Marte and Cote D’Azure, plus Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Sock in Shadow. The bias knit shaping (increases on one side are paired with decreases on the other) create a fluid fabric with a beautiful drape.