Who taught you?


Who taught you to knit or crochet? For many, it was a mother or grandmother. In my case, it was my great grandmother, Nana, who must have patiently re-taught me several times, as I only ever knit at her house. Even though I didn't begin knitting in earnest until I was 30, and needed written instruction to guide me, my hands did remember what I'd learned by her side/

Do you knit the same way as your teacher, or do you have your own take on managing the yarn? I'm endlessly fascinated by watching relatives who knit differently from each other. There's no wrong way, as long as you are producing stitches that behave as expected--or you know how to adjust for any differences. 

And can you say thank you? Maybe with words and a hug. If that's not possible, pay it forward, and teach someone else! My Nana died before I knew the role knitting would play in my life, so my thanks has to be in the form of encouraging others.

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...to learn





Uh-Oh! (1 enrollment remaining)

May 12, 10am-2pm | $40 + materials | Sandy Buzzelli

Have you experienced that moment of dread and disappointment when something goes wrong in your knitting? Do you feel nervous as you knit because you fear making a mistake?

You’ll become a more confident and relaxed knitter if you know how to handle those inevitable mis-knits. In this class, we’ll learn how stitches are formed, how to unknit and unpurl, how to unravel multiple rows and get our work back onto the needles, how to pick up dropped stitches, and much more! Prerequisite: you should know how to cast on, knit, purl and bind off.

Magic Loop: Maize Mitts (2 enrollments remaining, starts Wednesday)

May 16, 23, 30, 5-7pm | $30 + materials | Ann Miner

The Maize Mitts from Tin Can Knits are sized for toddlers to large adults, and are a perfect vehicle for learning the magic loop technique for knitting small circumference tubes on one long circular needle. You should be comfortable with casting on, knitting, purling, and casting off.

Worldwide Knit in Public Day

June 9, 1-4pm | all welcome

Weather permitting, we'll gather on the sidewalk in front of Yarn Folk for an afternoon of knitting, crochet, and, invariably, questions from passersby!

Crochet Market Bag (or Hat!)

June 16, 10am-2pm | $40 + materials | Sandy Buzzelli

Learn to crochet in the round as you make a hat or a market bag (or both!).  We'll learn how to do the magic ring, how to increase and how to read basic crochet patterns.

Prerequisite:  you should know how to chain and half double crochet. 

Choose Your Own Sweater

June 6, 13, 20, 27 5-7pm | $40 + materials | Ann Miner

You'll choose your own baby, child, or adult sweater pattern, and work at your own pace in a supported environment. A portion of each class meeting will feature a demonstration and discussion of a basic technique commonly used in sweater patterns.

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Cascade 220 & 220 Superwash

It's always fun to document restocking--last week, it was filling in the gaps that had developed in the Cascade wall. Whether you're felting, want to make a sweater that will last, are knitting a blanket, or want a washable wool for kids and gifts, there are currently lots of colors to choose from!

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...to inspire


Knitting Adjacent

I've been wanting to do a bit of sewing, so before fully launching into a larger project, I decided to test myself by using a digital pdf pattern for the first time. (My maternal grandmother worked at Jo-Ann Fabric for years, so nearly all of my prior experience has been working with classic tissue paper patterns.) 

I used four fat quarters, and made Runaway, a nice little two-skein sized project bag. In the queue are two skirts and a dress (all with pockets.) Knitting is under no threat here, but it is fun to visit another craft now and again. 

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...to stitch


Spruce Point


Spruce Point -- finished! I was blocking the pieces as I finished them, I sewed the seams (mattress stitch is magic), and picked up and knit the neckline edging on Thursday night. The pattern is written for a close fit through the shoulders and chest, then transitions to a gentle A-line. The Elemental Affects Cormo was springy and fun to knit, and I like wearing it just as much. I may need one in another color eventually....

Thurmont has grown substantially--but it is so close to being done that we'll save finished photos for next week! You can't see it, but it's hanging out in the project bag, above....

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