Knitting at the Paramount


Thanks to my son, who helped make it possible for me to get away on Sunday to see Hamilton. I laughed, I cried, I knit a little bit before the show...

(Julius Taylor III was Hamilton for the Sunday evening performance.)

... to learn

log cabin.jpeg

Log Cabin Fingerless Mitts (pictured above)
March 7 & 14, (Wednesdays) 5-7pm
$20 + materials

This project is perfect for relatively new knitters--while it primarily uses the knit stitch, you'll learn some basic techniques of modular knitting--including the pick-up-and-knit technique that is used in many sock patterns. You'll also learn the three needle bind off, and get the tiniest of introductions to seaming pieces together. If you've considered the Log Cabin Afghan, this project lets you sample the basic construction.

Brioche Scarf
March 21 & 28, (Wednesdays) 5-7pm
$20 + materials

We'll be using my Brioche Frenzy scarf pattern to learn basic brioche rib, along with built-in i-cord edging, and an i-cord cast on and cast off. We'll also look at how to prevent problems, and how to tink brioche.

Project Circle
March 30 (Friday), 5-7pm
No charge

Join us for monthly large-project circle on Friday. Need inspiration for a new throw? Check here!

dale of norway.jpeg inspire

Olympic Fashion, Part 2

Dale of Norway has a long tradition of designing the team sweaters for the national Norwegian ski team. You can view the designs from 1956 to the present here.

Torino, the sweater pictured, is one of a very few of the patterns available as a Ravelry download. anticipate



It comes in SO many colors, it holds up well when machine washed and dried, it's a great value...and you've gotta love it when the company temporarily drops their free shipping minimum because they are so excited that their team is going to the Super Bowl! 

(All that adds up to full shelves of Plymouth Encore...)

hot cakes.jpeg

Only two of the colors I ordered were in stock, but Hot Cakes, new from Plymouth, comes in great big 200g wheels. It's the same base as Encore, so you can combine to your heart's content.

The Akerworks swatch gauges should be here on Tuesday, and the Needle Keepers not long after! stitch

Guernsey Girl for Ladies

My Ravellenics 2018 project, the Guernsey Girl for Ladies continues. The body of the sweater is knit from the bottom up, but the sleeves are top down, which cramps my usual style of knitting the sleeves first (or at least soon. Still, it seems like we are in strong "maybe" territory for a podium finish in the Ravellenic Games.

(tiny project)

The only other thing that got new stitches this week was this cup cozy I was using as a demo piece during the recent stranded knitting class. It was a bit too tall for a 12oz cup, so I felted it.

guernsey girl.jpeg
tiny project.jpeg
Sara LeHoullier