Mark your calendars!

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Yarn Folk opened on April 13, 2013, and this year on April 12th we'll start a weekend of celebrating with Girls Night Out, presented twice a year by the Ellensburg Downtown Association. We'll have some cupcakes (because, birthdays), an in-store raffle, and maybe some small presents for *you*--after all, you're the reason Yarn Folk is turning five!

The Ellensburg Downtown Association is again sponsoring a free bus to and from Yakima for Girls Night Out Spots are limited. To reserve a seat please call (509) 962-6246. This bus is sponsored and hosted by Iron Horse Brewery and is FREE of charge.

Whether it's on Girls Night Out or later in the weekend, come say hello--it's been a fun five years, and I look forward to seeing what comes next!

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Zigzagular Sock with Fish Lips Kiss Heel [one spot remaining]

April 4, 11, 18, 5-7pm | $30 + materials | Ann Miner

This class will combine the Zigzagular Sock with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel (pictured above). Previous sock knitting experience is not required but you should be able to knit small circumferences on either double pointed needles, magic loop, or two circulars at the same time.

Girls Night Out

April 12, 5-9pm

Join Yarn Folk & the Ellensburg Downtown Association for Spring 2018 Girls Night Out. The EDA is pleased to be bringing back the charter bus from Yakima to Ellensburg. SPOTS ARE LIMITED--to reserve a seat please call (509) 962-6246. The bus is free of charge.

Project Circle

April 27, 5-7pm | no charge

Join us for the monthly session dedicated to working on those long-term projects that can sometimes fall by the wayside!


May 12, 10am-2pm | $40 + materials | Sandy Buzzelli

Have you experienced that moment of dread and disappointment when something goes wrong in your knitting? Do you feel nervous as you knit because you fear making a mistake?

You’ll become a more confident and relaxed knitter if you know how to handle those inevitable mis-knits. In this class, we’ll learn how stitches are formed, how to unknit and unpurl, how to unravel multiple rows and get our work back onto the needles, how to pick up dropped stitches, and much more! Prerequisite: you should know how to cast on, knit, purl and bind off.

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Baby Blossom Chunky

A favorite for baby blankets and more, Baby Blossom Chunky has been on backorder for a couple of months, so we are very glad to have more colors back in stock, including this new green--the patterned section doesn't include pink, so it suggests leaves, rather than flowers. Take a peek here.


Lo-Lo Bars

There's nothing as effective as a lotion bar for keeping your hands smooth and snag-free, and when I ordered I had spring and summer scents in mind! 

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Local Yarn Shop Day - Part 1

More details about how Yarn Folk will be celebrating the first Local Yarn Shop Day are forthcoming, but first, a bit of history.

In 2002, comic shops throughout the US launched Free Comic Book Day. Avid comic book readers and newbies are welcomed into comic book stores every year to enjoy exclusive titles that are released specifically for the event. In 2008, the first Record Shop Day highlighted the vibrant culture of independent record stores with live performances, special releases, and more. The first Independent Bookstore Day was in 2014, and here we are in 2018, about to set Local Yarn Shop Day in motion.

What's the common thread? All of these are small businesses with community-driven culture at the core of what we do. And we maintain our commitment to our businesses--and our customers--in a retail environment that is increasingly depersonalized. We think there is something special about being a place where people who are passionate about the same things can geek out together. Every indie shop is special in its own way, and that's what those of us who are embracing LYS Day hope to highlight.

Look for more details next week, and make plans to visit Yarn Folk and Old Skool's on April 21, Pearl Street Books on April 28, and Central City Comics on May 5th. 

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Lace Market (wrap up)

Pictured is the back of Lace Market, a summer tee designed for and knit in El Linio. The front is stockinette, with a small lace detail at the top. The neckline is finished with reverse single crochet, although the pattern gives options for slip stitch crochet or a few rows of knit on edging. 

Universal's Flax would be another great yarn option--it works up well at the stated gauge, and also features linen's cool summer feel. 


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Archer has been a fascinating puzzle to put together. It is  offered in both a striped and a solid version, and I am striping with two single-ply yarns: Dream in Color Jilly, and Woolen Boon Skinny. 

The sweater is knit top-down, but not at all in the usual way. There are short rows, and lateral braids, and curved sections in front an back that are "filled in" with stripes. Elizabeth Doherty is a meticulous pattern writer, so even though I wasn't 100% sure what I was doing until I'd nearly built the neckline and shoulders, I was confident that carefully following her instructions would result in a sweater. Lo, at this point I can say that it surely will! 

The remainder of the bodice has gentle A-line shaping, and the sleeves are intended to be bracelet length (though I may lengthen them if yarn quantities allow). This sweater has a slight dropped shoulder, angled slightly and paired with narrow sleeves for comfortable, but polished, fit. I'm loving the play of the speckled Woolen Boon against the nearly-solid Jilly!

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