Local Yarn Shop Day was so much fun! It was in the top ten of Yarn Folk's best days to date, and other shops around the country report that they also had terrific days, and good times with their customers. As this was the inaugural LYS Day, none of us really knew what to expect. For me, the day really reinforced what I already knew: Local Yarn Shops have the ability to bring people together--those who are dreaming up yarn blends and infusing them with rich and wonderful colors; designers who see stitch patterns in their minds, do a little math (sometimes a lot of math), translate those ideas into written language, and present us with gorgeous patterns; and customers who wield their needles and hooks to bring these tangible creations to life. So often every part of this process is infused with friendship and laughter--we really are lucky.

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LYS Day - April 21

The first annual Local Yarn Store Day is a project of The National Needlearts Association's Yarn Group, and we want to highlight what is special about shopping in an independent yarn shop. See the real color, up close. Squish it. See it knit up into something fabulous. Get help, take a class. Hang out with other people who think yarn is as nifty as you do.

What's in store at Yarn Folk?

  • Adventura kits, an LYS Day collaboration between Laura Nelkin and Kelbourne Woolens
  • Color Fade Cowl kits from Mountain Colors
  • Limited edition LYS Love colorway from Frabjous Fibers (plus more colors of Cheshire Cat Fingering)
  • Free pattern codes courtesy of Plymouth Yarns
  • Free shawl pattern from Casapinka when you purchase yarn for the project
  • Book giveaway (one per customer, while supplies last)

I hope to see you on April 21st! Because while Local Yarn Shops are special, the main thing that is special about us is our fantastic customers!

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Yarn Folk is FIVE!

Thursday, 5-9pm: celebratory mini-cupcakes, plus your purchases earn you the chance to win one of the event-wide gift baskets during the Ellensburg Downtown Association's Spring Girls Night Out!

5pm Thursday through Sunday: small gift with purchase, spin the wheel for discounts of 10-30% on your purchases, in-store raffle, and introductory pricing on Yarn Folk mugs!

And always, heartfelt thanks for being part of Yarn Folk's story!

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Mark your calendars!

Yarn Folk opened on April 13, 2013, and this year on April 12th we'll start a weekend of celebrating with Girls Night Out, presented twice a year by the Ellensburg Downtown Association. We'll have some cupcakes (because, birthdays), an in-store raffle, and maybe some small presents for *you*--after all, you're the reason Yarn Folk is turning five!

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What I learned redesigning
  1. It's okay to ask for help. Seriously, my tendency to want to do everything myself would not have served me well here. 
  2. Working with someone you genuinely enjoy eliminates almost all of the pain. Sara LeHoullier of Busybee did all of the heavy lifting, and never made me feel like a bother when I asked if we could try something another way. She makes all the magic parts of the internet that I do not understand (and don't really want to) play together nicely.
  3. Tools for managing multiple priorities are so important. I combine the principles of Personal Kanban with a bullet journal so that weeks like last week--where I upgraded both major pieces of my accounting software,  received multiple orders, taught a couple of classes, and, oh yes, worked with Sara to move this project toward the finish line--don't leave me in a puddle. 
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Knitting at the Paramount

Thanks to my son, who helped make it possible for me to get away on Sunday to see Hamilton. I laughed, I cried, I knit a little bit before the show...

(Julius Taylor III was Hamilton for the Sunday evening performance.)

(The prompt for Day 5 was STRIPES!)

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Sara LeHoullier