It was Talk Like a Pirate Day when I started this post... DSC_0094DSC_0093Some new things to show you!  First up, Mushishi in six colors--three with the tweed highlights in white, three with the tweed highlights in black.. 95% wool, 5% silk and a huge 491 yard put-up.  One skein is enough yardage for the Traveling Woman wrap (in the large/worsted size).  There are some nice examples in the Ravelry project gallery.

Plymouth's Revel (available in five colors) is another new introduction.  The fifty gram balls are 275 yards of pretty ombre shifting colors.  The fiber content is 85% baby alpaca and 15% Merino wool.  Two balls would make a pretty shawlette or larger cowl.

DSC_0096DSC_0095What else? How about Bamtastic? While the name is a little over the top, it's a great option for baby things. The fiber content is 60% bamboo rayon/40$ nylon, and it comes in 100g pull skeins with 248 yards. I haven't knit with it yet, but it feels great in the ball, and it's machine washable.

Last (for the purposes of this blog post) is Diversity--a wool-free sock yarn option. It's 93% acrylic, and 7% elasthane, which makes me wonder if it wouldn't work well for compression socks. It's self-striping, and the stripes are quite wide and well-defined. I spent enough time tromping around delivering mail with damp socks that I'm a big fan of wool, but I'm intrigued by this stuff. Here is a link to the colors--I have 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7 in stock.