Sometimes a great notion...

DSC_0015I have to confess that I'm kind of a minimalist when it comes to notions--I'll use markers to mark increase & decrease points, or pattern repeats, but I almost never mark rows.  I don't tend to use counters.  A cable has to be pretty wide before I want to fuss with a cable needle. I don't think I've ever owned a set of point protectors. BUT, we all have different things that work for us! And the things I like I use a lot.  I've had my Pinocchio tape measure for years, and one day when someone tried to (goodheartedly) return it to the basket up front with the others like it that are for sale, I nearly passed out.  (Not really, but I am very fond of it.)  My Monkey sock is mostly getting knit on at the front counter (and slowly, at that), so it doesn't need the DPN work in progress tubes, but boy are they cool when I have a sock that is on the go.  My favorite markers are the colorful yarn balls that come in the little silk dumpling case, but when I need a bunch for something, I like Clover's purple and green soft markers. The Clover locking markers are great when you need them to be removable.  Some new friends are the nice little scissors from Bryson--they are sharp, and they stay put in their sheath, so they don't make any mischief inside my knitting bag when they aren't in use.  The bamboo marking pins are great for counting rows, or for seaming.

My trusty Zebra mechanical pencil is critical to the whole operation, too.  More often than not, it really does pay to write it down.  (Ask me how I know.)

Circular Stitch HolderOf course, I don't just stock *my* favorites, and I've usually got my eyes out for fun new toys.  For instance, Clover recently introduced a circular stitch holder, and it is really well-designed! And when I ordered this new pattern for Animal Hats from Knitting Pure & Simple, I also ordered a couple of Pompom Makers.  My funky homemade blocking board has served me well for years, but I now have a couple of the foam blocking mat sets, as well as worsted and laceweight blocking wires.

And always, if there are things you're interested in, let me know.  Even if I can't find or order it right away, it will be on my radar!