Peeking in the windows...

suspended yarn balls I wanted to give passersby a few more clues about what is coming to 304 N Pearl Street. (Soon! I promise!)

Fortunately, I have a hard time getting rid of any leftover yarn. Ever. So I wound some odds and ends into balls of various sizes, and then suspended them in the window to the left of the entrance door. The very best part was that I had no sooner cleaned up the snipped ends of fishing line when a dad walked by on the sidewalk, a little person in his arms. She spotted the yarn balls, her face lit up, and she pointed happily at them. Which totally made my day.

On a related note, it's been fun having people pop in the shop when I'm there working. Even though the yarn is still stashed in its boxes, it's fun to show people around a little. Most folks who have stopped are knitters, but there is the occasional curious muggle, and it's fun to talk with them, too. They're just not knitters YET, right?