I love knitting patterns. There is no other way of explaining the many years' worth of Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits back issues currently living at the shop, or the many knitting books in the library there. I like looking at them, reading them, dreaming on them...

I don't, however, stock that many of them right now.

I do have a number of manufacturer's pattern booklets. I'm even making a shop sample sweater from one right now. But the bottom line is that I had to make hard decisions about how to allocate my resources, and you know...when in doubt, choose yarn.

I will probably introduce a limited range of patterns in the future, but for now, what I am planning on doing to facilitate project planning is this: I have an older laptop that I am in the process of stripping down to just a browser. I still have more files to back up and move, but in the very near future, it will be at the shop and available for pattern research. As I mentioned, there are many books and magazines available for browsing, and if you have favorite patterns or books, please bring them in with you--I'd love to help you brainstorm different options for projects.

Additionally. Michele Bradshaw at Pearl Street Books has said she is willing to order in knitting books that we are interested in. You can convey suggestons to me, and I will pass them on, or you can swing by Pearl Street Books and talk to them directly. (If you need any enticement, there are some fabulous needlefelted creatures among the gift items there...)