New Stuff

photo (3)As I can, I am expanding my inventory--sometimes this means just stocking existing items a little deeper, sometimes it means adding within a line, or adding something new a distributor carries. Eventually, it will mean adding new distributors. I do try to listen to what you say you want, whether you are telling me directly, or just talking where I can hear you :)

Today, I took receipt of an order from Brown Sheep Co. (Fellow Nebraskans, you know.) I'd special ordered a few things for customers, and because I needed to order, I restocked sold out colors of Wildfoote and Lamb's Pride, added a couple of new colors Lamb's Pride, and, above, added two new colors of Lanaloft Bulky (Chameleon Green and Thunderstorm).

Tomorrow, I should see an order from Bryson. Restocking notions, adding a few 8" DPNs, and, wait for it, adding some patterns.

I know.

I've had enough feedback to change my mind at least enough to *try* offering some single patterns in the shop. I've tried to focus on classic designs, across a range of categories, that will work with yarns I currently carry. This is an experiment, but the great thing is that my point of sale system will collect sales data and help me evaluate what my next move should be.

I'm also expecting an order of Addi Turbos to restock sold out sizes, and add a modest stock of 47" circulars.

That's the news. Always, always, if there are things you are looking for, let me know!