My 15 minutes of fame occurred in 2008.

It freaks me out a little that it was that long ago, but the MAKE blog picked up this little felted bag I made for my bike. Felted Handlebar Bag

(I used to ride a Schwinn hybrid electric bike, until the battery started to fail and I found out that a replacement would run me 500 smackeroos. Given that the battery is not much bigger than a laptop battery, I balked at that price, and went back to riding my beloved Bianchi. The Bianchi was a gift that started out as a long-term loan from my friend Tony. Anyway, I started the myelectricride blog when I was REALLY SUPER EXCITED about my new bike. I wish the battery situation had been different--it was great for speeding up a bike commute and for fetching groceries by bike....)