Miscellaneous gratitude.

If you're visiting from the Ellensburg Downtown Association's link on Facebook, please also like Yarn Folk there--I'm posting updates as I move through this crazy, fun process. I also want to say that Carolyn Honeycutt, Director of the EDA, has been a great source of help in getting this project off the ground--particularly in identifying potential retail space, and in introducing me to the NxLeveL Entrepreneur Class, which is helping me to clarify my ideas and plans.

And then, when I think about thanking Carolyn, I think about everyone else I want to thank--my husband and son, who have provided me physical labor and moral support from the time I first started imagining Yarn Folk; my parents, my sister, and my in-laws, all of whom have provided encouragement; my own knitting group of, what, eight years now?, whose immediate enthusiasm and heartfelt offers of help have helped assuage my fears as I make a HUGE change in my life; friends from *every stage* of my life; my current coworkers, who are happy for me; and my postal customers, who have been so sweet as I've shared this news.

And new friends, too--knitters are pretty darned likable in general, and I think that we can create something great--together--in this little shop!