Making trouble and following directions (or not)

DSC_0640Follow along as I cause problems for myself... When I ordered the deluxe edition of Annie & the Swiss Cheese Scarf as part of my World Wide Knit in Public door prizes, I also ordered the non-deluxe edition of the book, and a few copies of the Playful Stripes cardigan pattern. Playful Stripes is the sweater Annie wears in the book. And then, I decided to knit it. However, sport weight yarn, which is what the pattern calls for, is one of my inventory gaps right now, so I decided to make it in light worsted instead, and monkey around with some modifications. In spite of the fact that I know full well that it's probably best if I stick to patterns as they are written when I'm making shop models.

(In my defense, I will say that Alana Dakos' pattern is *beautifully* written, and it was very easy to modify.)

And then, I decided to kit up the wool for the sweater. Which meant I had to document my mods. (I'd done it on my Ravelry project page, but it needed to be in a format to include with the kit.)

We'll see how well--or poorly--this experiment works out. On the plus side, the kit is $36, and includes almost double the wool I used, AND, if you like the colorway I came up with, you can replicate it without buying full balls of all the contrast colors. I included 2 balls of the body color (I used 1.2 for the sample), approximately double of what I used in all the contrast colors, the pattern, and my written notes. However, while it's not a terribly complicated set of modifications, it does take a little more thinking than following a pattern to the letter. Some folks like that, some don't. I honestly believe that either mode of operating can make a knitter perfectly happy. The sample is pretty darned cute, and I'm available to help if there are any issues with making the changes--but if I tried harder, I probably could find a straighter route from Point A to Point B!

(Edited to add: I used the heavier weight yarn with the numbers for a smaller size--and a couple of small changes--to make a larger size. I cast on for a 3 month sweater, but knit to the 12 month schematic. With intention. It's a good exercise in understanding gauge.)