Finishing Friday

This is the second of two sweaters I made for the Baby Cocktails Knitalong. Sambuca was knit from the top down in one piece, with a little bit of color work near the waist, some short-rowing to lengthen the back of the sweater, and a small ribbed detail just below the (also ribbed) neckband. The stranded color work is an easy-to-read charted motif, and uses 10-12 grams each of three different colors, one of which repeats at the bottom of the sleeves. Finishing work was minimal--the neckband is picked up and knitted on, and there were a few ends to weave in for the color changes and ribbing. (Otherwise, I spit-spliced the yarn for the main color.) When I soaked it in Eucalan, it let off a little more dye than I'd have liked, so I gave it a second rinse, with a large splash of white vinegar to set the dye. In the photo, the sweater is blocking on large garage-floor style foam mats from Costco, and I've threaded blocking wiires through the ribs at the bottom hem, and inside both sleeves. I pinned it out to the schematic measurements (except where I made adjustments for longer length). Now it's just a matter of having the patience to let it dry!

For full details, my Ravelry project page is here.