CustomFit Trunk Show Up Close

Welcome to a guided tour of the CustomFit trunk show! Stop in at Yarn Folk through the end of the month to see the sweaters in person. Snapseed-8.jpeg

Yarn Folk: Who are you, where are you located, and when did your shop introduce CustomFit to your customers?

Justine: Justine Malone, of Cast Away + Folk in Santa Rosa, CA (Northern CA). We introduced CustomFit in the Fall of 2015.

YF: How did you choose the sweater you contributed? How about the yarn?

JM: I have a raglan version of the Featherweight that I loved but I didn’t like the yarn i used for it. I thought I’d like it in a classic, hardy yarn like Ultra Alpaca Light, and I do!

YF: What is your favorite thing about CustomFit?

JM: The fit of course! And the pattern being only for me--no extra numbers to navigate.

YF: How many CustomFit sweaters have you knit, and do you have a favorite?

JM: So far only 2! I love my basic cardigan the best and want to make an oversized version of it.

Thanks to Justine, and look for a close look at another sweater on Sunday!

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