Custom Fit Info Session!

Are you familiar with Amy Herzog's Custom Fit sweater generator? This coming Friday, February 13th, is your chance to learn more about how Yarn Folk can help you create a sweater that is perfect for YOU.

When we talk about Custom Fit, we don't necessarily mean snug, form-fitting sweaters.  (Although that's an option!) Custom Fit lets you make your own choices--about the yarn, the fit, and the design--and then use them to generate a sweater for a specific set of measurements, with no further math required.
I have made four Custom Fit sweaters, and can't say enough about how much I love the process and the results.  Plan on coming in Friday at 5 pm to hear me try! as a Custom Fit LYS, I can assist with measurements, yarn selection and swatching, design choices, generating the pattern, and if you choose to participate in the KAL, you'll be supported through your sweater journey.
Sweater shown is Seguin.  You can  find my other Custom Fit sweaters here, here, and here.  (I need to get pictures of my mom wearing that last one!)