Bridgefield up close

Two more weeks to stop in and see the CustomFit trunk show currently at Yarn Folk! Here's a close look at another of the sweaters. [Yvonne is the brainchild behind the group trunk show.]  

Yarn Folk: What's your name, where are you located, and when did your shop introduce CustomFit to your customers?

Yvonne: Yvonne, Natural Stitches in Pittsburgh, PA, and -- gee. Uh. March 2014! (I had to look at a picture to find out, ha ha)

YF: How did you choose the sweater you contributed? How about the yarn?

Y: We chose the sweater [Bridgefield] by staff vote. We chose the yarn for a couple of reasons: a) One of the marks of our store is we have every color of Cascade 220 on our "wall o' Cascade" b) Cascade 220 is a good, reasonably-priced workhorse yarn and (we presume) commonly available. c) We think there are many reasonable substitutes for Cascade 220 if it isn't available or if a consumer isn't enamored of that yarn.

YF: What is your favorite thing about CustomFit?

Y: So many things. The fact that knitters don't have to struggle to "get gauge." The fact that a sweater can be knit in any size -- 32" chest or 60" (or more!) chest. The fact that the patterns are customized to the individual knitter and that there is no counting over X numbers in parentheses and brackets. I also love the fact that as someone who is difficult to fit (size X on the bottom and size Z on the top), I don't have to worry about doing the math and combining different parts of a pattern to get a sweater that will fit me. And perhaps my favorite part of all, I can use any yarn I want.

YF: How many CustomFit sweaters have you knit, and do you have a favorite?

Y:I've completed two, and I have two more on the needles. My favorite is my Foyle's Pullover in Jackson DK--I would never take this sweater off, if I could. [Jackson is available at Yarn Folk, and I feel the same way about it!!] However, I have a Stonington on the needles using some Targhee Worsted from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and I think that is going to overtake the Foyle's.

Thanks, Yvonne! Look for more profiles coming soon, and stop in to see the sweaters soon!