A look at Stonington

 Another Q&A with a CustomFit Trunk Show contributor!Yarn Folk: Who are you, where are you located, and when did your shop introduce CustomFit?  

Yarn Underground: Shelley Stone from The Yarn Underground, Moscow Idaho; The Yarn Underground. We introduced CustomFit in 2015.

YF: How did you choose the sweater you contributed? How about the yarn? 

YU: This is Stonington in Harrisville Highland. It is a timeless design, and a durable yarn that should stand the test of years.

YF: What is your favorite thing about CustomFit?

YU: Seeing people knit from a pattern that will fit them, and them realizing where normal patterns go wrong for them!

YF: How many CustomFit sweaters have you made? Do you have a fave?

Three. Wintry Mix is pretty great.

YF: Anything else you want to mention?

YU: Knitting a CustomFit sweater will totally open up new worlds to a knitter! Thanks, Shelley! Stonington is a gorgeous sweater!