A little about me.

But first, about Charlotte. That's her, up there in the header image. She's a little yarn doll I made when I was six? seven? eight? She came to live with me as an adult when my parents moved out of my childhood home. Up until then, she perched on a shelf in my old bedroom. She embodies the spirit of Yarn Folk to me--the way there is so much pleasure to be found in a simple, handmade object. The way it can take on a spirit. After all, I named her 30+ years ago, and there's never been a moment when I forgot her name. She reminds me that when we make a thing, part of us is in that thing.

Knitting is powerful stuff.

But I did want to introduce myself. I am Ann Miner, and I was born and raised in Nebraska. At 17, I moved to Lansing to attend Michigan State University, where I majored in English with an interdisciplinary Women's Studies thematic. After graduating, I thought I was supposed to move to Minneapolis, but practically at the last minute, I landed in Seattle instead. I lived there for most of a decade, though I spent a couple of years in the middle living in the Bay Area. My husband is a native Californian, but somehow I hornswoggled him into returning to the Pacific Northwest. In December of 2000, when our son was 19 months old, we moved to Roslyn, Washington.

I went to work for the Postal Service when the kid started kindergarten, and I have been a clerk and carrier in Cle Elum, and most recently, (temporary) acting postmaster in Roslyn. I loved many things about my job (and most of all, my customers), but the many recent changes within the organization made me begin to wonder whether I should come up with an Act II. I thought about what I loved, and what I didn't. And the idea for the shop kept reigniting itself in my thoughts, like a trick birthday candle. I started making plans, and moving forward. Right now there is SO MUCH TO DO, I am very nearly at the point where I can do all the things, all the time.

It will be a mad scramble to open in April, but I'm giving it my very best shot. I can't wait to meet you!