A number of the sweater samples at Yarn Folk were created using the CustomFit program from Amy Herzog Designs, and Yarn Folk is proud to be a CustomFit partner LYS.

Why CustomFit? It’s all about YOU.

Your knitted gauge.Your measurements.Your design options.

Why Yarn Folk? As an LYS partner, I participate in periodic web training and get ongoing information as the program evolves. I’m also a member of yarn shop user groups, where we share information about what has worked well for us and for our customers. Accurate measurements are best taken by another person, and I provide this service at no cost. Last, I’ve made 7 CustomFit sweaters to date, with another in progress, and my familiarity with the patterns and the finished sweaters helps me help you.

How do you get started? Call to schedule an appointment for measurements, and choose a great sweater yarn to swatch. Bring your swatch back, and I’ll help with measuring it and guide you through the design choices–one of Amy’s designs or one where you make decisions about each option.

You do still have to knit the sweater, but when you aren’t trying to match someone else’s gauge or measurements, the odds that your sweater will be right for you increase exponentially.

CustomFit Gallery